• Leadership coaching and interventions – numerous sectors and levels.
  • Strategy-, management- and institutions development  – through leader teams. 
  • “MBM”: Much Better Meetings: observation, design and execution.
  • Team and projects development: Assisting, advising and coaching key staff.
  • Programs in cross-culture contexts: Planning and facilitating.
  • Professional excursion to relevant – and irrelevant – locations.
  • Training of  consultants, trainers and facilitators.
  • Execution support – generally.

Methodological approaches:

A big number of approaches have been and are being applied – depending on client/ customer needs. For a still better understanding of possibilities – see also listing of certified courses/ education.

  • Change processes and high/ mass stake-holder involvement.
  • Total leadership development programs in organizations.
  • Individual and team coaching.
  • Specially tailored designs – based on existing foundation – when this is feasible.
  • LEAN-processes.
  • MBM – ”Much Better Meetings”: Design, planning and implementation of professional meetings by observing practice, plan and implement improvements.
  • Individual psychological profiling using i.e. Big Five (NEOAC), Myers-Briggs, EI or similar approaches.
  • Team building of leader teams and program project teams. Test / indicator based.
  • Developing personalised/ workplace-grown training material.
  • Professional excursions/ study tours – “travel and build team”.
  • Art and Management projects and approaches.
  • Corporate / workplace art and illustrations – cooperations with artists i.e. Mooreart.


Much Better Meetings. In Aftenposten


Strategic Development Meeting. South Sudan program, 2010 Nairobi, Oil for Development