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I shall reply ……. faster than the speed of light….. when there is a phone in sight..

SIC, Øståsveien 18. (Oestaasveien  18), N-1555, Norway, 

Mob. phone:+ 47 98 05 00 93   E-mail:     


Connections in extraordinary situations: Chief Technological Office. CTO. Per Fuglesang – 0047 466 12 221‬

Network cooperation – with other companies/ firms depending on type and size of work: I.e. corporate test psychologist Ole Kiel, Copenhagen, Laila Stange, Son Consulting/ Trygve Nordby, Distinkt/Arni Hole, DOLAST. Rebecca Dooley, Wanberg, Kkom/ Agnar Kaarbø, Scanteam, FFF/ Osmund Ueland, KUVE AS/ Agnar Gundersen and Jakki Moore.