Positions and clients

Stokkeland Int. Consulting AS (SIC-as) 1994 – date. Owner and CEC.

  • National and international experience: developing institutions, strategy, teams, leaders and key personal improving and changing their practices and projects.
  • Consultancies in the areas of pre-studies, design, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • Institution-, management- and HRD/personnel development.
  • Private and public sector training and development.
  • Work/ experience from 25 countries: i.e. South and SE Africa, especially Madagascar, S. Sudan and Ghana. Middle East, Asia, USA, Jamaica, Bolivia, Mexico and Europe.
  • Represented The Fisher Group network, Oregon, US.

Clients – International gov. & non-governm.: 

  • WHO. World Health Organisation
  • World Bank
  • ILO. International Labour Organisation
  • UNDP. U N Dev. Progr.
  • SADC. Southern African Development Community

Clients – Ministries:

Min. of: Administration, Foreign Affairs, (MFA), Maritime Affairs, Local  Government, Science and Culture and Min. of Education, KMD/BST. (Ministry of Modernisation & Municip.). 2015

Clients – Central Gov. Agencies/directorates:

  • NVE. Water resources and Energy. 2001-2003
  • Directorate of Oil (OD) / Petrad
  • Institute for Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet) 2002-2008
  • Rikstrygdeverket 1996-1998
  • Statskonsult. (Agency for organisation development and change, now: DIFI)
  • NORAD. Norwegian agency for development cooperation. (since 1983)
  • UDI. Norwegian Agency for immigration. 2003-2005
  • Presidency of Madagascar. Directorate of Good Governance. 2005-2009

Clients – Local and regional governments, government agencies/ units: (several) – i.e.  

  • Buskerud, Lørenskog, Oppegård, Ås, Narvik, Kvinesdal, Risør, Sula, East Agder network of 5 and 8 different municipalities; Oslo/ The waterworks of (VAV)
  • High security Juvenile Psychiatry Institution in Oslo (BAS)
  • Child and Juvenile Psychiatry of Oslo (BUP)
  • Oslo Police (FOX), Asker and Bærum Police
  • Norwegian police union/ sub-organisation for leadership
Merger/ cooperation process. Municipalities in East Agder, headed by Major of Risør, Per Kristian Lunden (middle right).

Clients – Others:

  • Californian Consortium of universities for coordination of Higher Education/ Dooley Assoc. 1991
  • Trade unions
  • Norwegian Ship-owners  Association
  • University of Tromsø
  • NSB
  • National Ass. of Process Industry. (PIL)
  • Taiwan Education Network
  • Ålesund University College (HiÅ)
  • The Norwegian School of Ballet, Dooley & Ass.
  • Lier municipality, Kindergarten segment
  • Palestinian Water Authority (PWA). 2001 – 2005
  • Dir. of Good Governance, Presidency World Bank/ NDP, Madagascar. 2005-2008
  • Oil for development. Petrad Foundation (PeTRoleumADministration), Stavanger. 2007- (ongoing)
  • OSLOMET (University) Oslo College (HiOA) (ongoing)
  • Utdanningsforbundet, Oslo. 2018

Private Sector: 

  • Shell, Norway
  • United Can (LA & Oakland, California),
  • Western Digital), (San Francisco),
  • Kværner (hydro-energy),
  • Norsk Hydro
  • Several hotels
  • Aschehough Publishing House
  • University Press (U-forlaget)
  • Norwegian Bookmerchants Ass. (Bokhandlerforeningen)
  • Statoil (Deutschland)
  • Specifique
  • Teco Maritim
  • Gateway College
  • Association of Mindfulness coaches/ therapists
  • Palaistra, (Meilen, Switzerland) 2017 (ongoing)
EEA Grants 2014-2021 – Blue Growth Programme. SIC is involved in EEA Grants activities.

Private consultancies: 

  • Partner in Samset & Stokkeland Consulting 1978 – 1992. Clients: NORAD, YS, Oslo
  • Partner in Distinkt consortium with Arni Hole 2018. (ongoing)

Former work as employee:

  • Sailor/ cook. Norwegian merchant marine, Brøvig Rederi 1969 – 1970
  • Lecturer/ therapist. SSBU- Child and Juvenile Psychiatry (Sogn Ungdomskole) 1976 – 1977 – therapy team (Statens Senter for Barne og Ungdomsspsykiatri)
  • Research assistant. Institute of Political Science, University of Oslo 1975 – 1976
  • Officer/ soldier. UNIFIL – UN peacekeeping forces Lebanon, Patrol/ unit leader. NORBAT 1 & 2. Sgt. 1978.
  • Associate professor/ lecturer. NKSH/ Norwegian School of Local Government, Public & Social  Administration, 1977 – 1988 (Later HiOA and OsloMet University). Courses, program design and implementation: political science, local government, organisation theory, HRD and management/leadership development. Consultancies.
  • Advisor. Norwegian Council for Management Development 1983 – 1985. (LOR/STILO)
  • Senior consultant/ Norwegian Council for Management Development (1986-87)
  • Management Development Officer, World Health Organisation, HQ, Geneva 1988 – 1990. Program coordinator for nine projects  in three countries: Pakistan (4), Tanzania (2) and Jordan (3)
  • Professional head: (“Lederopplæringsrådet”/LOR – later STILO). 1990-1994)
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